What is your opinion on commuter rail for the Greater Triangle Region?

By Curtis Hayes | Jan 5, 2023

Review the feasibility study and submit your comments at Ready For Rail through February 19th

The results of the Greater Triangle Commuter Rail feasibility study revealed a few opportunities for the implementation of regional passenger rail service. Due to the high cost and technical challenges associated with delivering the full project at once, the study considered phases for staged implementation in the eastern, central, and western portions of the corridor. With costs varying for each, the three portions include:

  • Eastern portion Implementing service from the Auburn Station in Garner to Raleigh Union Station.
  • Central portion Implementing service from Raleigh Union Station to the Ellis Road Station.
  • Western portion Implementing service from the RTP Station to the West Durham Station.


Wake Transit Engagement Opportunities

By Curtis Hayes | Dec 12, 2022

The GoForward Website includes information about current opportunities to participate in surveys, review plans, and submit comments about various projects and programs sponsored, funded, or partially funded through the Wake Transit Program. Click on the following link to view current opportunities to get involved with Wake Transit: https://www.goforwardnc.org/wake-county/get-involved/

•Greater Triangle Commuter Rail (GTCR)-Community Review & Input.
January 5 to February 19, 2023
•Wake Bus Plan & Wake Transit Work Plan-Community Review & Input.
February 20 to March 22, 2023
More information will be available soon on the GoForward website: https://www.goforwardnc.org/wake-county/get-involved/

Curious about the overall progress of Wake Transit program and project initiatives? Wake Transit is committed to working toward improved and expanded public transportation options and opportunities. Check out the Wake Transit Performance Tracker for progress updates. https://waketransittracker.com/

The Wake Transit Plan is guided by the Four Big Moves, which are designed to accomplish the following:
1) Connect the region
2) Connect all Wake County communities
3) Create frequent and reliable urban mobility
4) Enhance access to transit

Learn more by clicking: https://www.goforwardnc.org/wake-county/plans-policies/